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How much does a beef animal cost? 

Currently we are pricing the animals on a per pound of carcass weight basis, which includes the processing (cutting and packaging).  Current prices as of 4/1/2016  are $3.50  per lb. for the traditional (corn fed animals) and $3.70 per lb. for the grass/forage finished animals.

How much does processing cost?

Nothing as we have included that in the cost of the beef.

How much meat will I get from an animal?

It will depend on how it is cut but usually from 250 to 300 lbs. per half of beef carcass. (half weighing 400 pounds)

How much per pound will I have invested in a half-a-beef?

Currently it works out to be about $5.00 per lb. (traditional fed animal).  That is what your cost would be for meat in your freezer. If you choose a grass/forage beef it is about $5.20 per lb.

How long does it take for my animal to grow before it is harvested?

That varies from animal to animal and their growth rates.  We process every 2 weeks and have beef available year around.

What does natural mean?

 It means that our animals are raised in a natural humane way, making them Colorado all natural beef. They have had no growth steroids, or antibiotics or hormones in their feed. We raise all our feed on our farm and the animals graze on our pastures until they are finished.

What is dry-aging the beef carcass?

Our animals when harvested are typically dry-aged in a cooler for 14 to 21 days depending on the customer’s wishes. This increases the tenderness of the meat and adds to the flavor.

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